CheckIfCovid calculates the probability of COVID-19 based on symptoms and location

The availability and speed of testing for COVID-19 is limited. This tool calculates the likelihood of an infection by comparing your symptoms with the data from confirmed COVID-19 cases and previously self-reported symptoms.
Wondering if you or someone you know may have COVID-19?
Cluster Map

How it works

  1. We scrape data on confirmed Covid-19 patients and their symptoms from online sources such as CSSEGIS, ECDC, GISAID, and Kaggle
  2. Collect data from self-reported symptoms through our tool
  3. Apply machine learning to all collected data
  4. Use the trained data to calculate the probability
  5. Open the data for other use cases


For the General Public
  • Help make smart decision when to seek urgent medical help
  • Get realtime information about your neighbourhood and areas to avoid
For the Authorities
  • Get insights on clusters of symptoms within your jurisdiction
  • Enable targeted testing based on data collected
  • Deploy your own self-assessment tool using the open source survey app

MyCOVID: A Call for Help

We want to get as much information about COVID-19 as possible to people who need it. That starts with reporting COVID-19 diagnoses. We are asking individuals who've been tested to self-report their symptoms and clinical information. The data is anonymous and can't be traced back to the person reporting it. This reporting method aims to set the stage for a globally shared database useful for COVID-19 diagnostics.

The Power of Open Source

We are a group of volunteers and this project is non-profit. All the data produced will be open and available through the API. If you are a developer who wants to contribute, or has a network who will benefit from the software and data, please get in touch.
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