Active Contributors

CheckIfCovid is a non-profit and open source initiative. All contributions are from volunteers who want to help with this pandemic.
  • Efren Macasaet (Product, Engineering)
  • Rashnil Chaturvedi (Engineering)
  • Yaakov Bressler (Data Science)
  • Prince Owusu Attah (Product Designer)
Past Contributors
  • Dominik Einkemmer (Engineering)
  • Jason Lee (Product)
  • Mark Renzo Santiago (Engineering)
  • Diana Zhong, MD (Doctor)
  • Glory Adedayo (Engineering)
  • Mohamed Abdelrehim (Data Science)
  • Maria Christina Kalogera (Data Science)
  • Sebastian-Sye Klute (Data Science)
  • Siddharth Pathak (Engineering)
  • Prateek Rao (Engineering)
  • Benjamin Von Wong (Creative)
  • Zhoulai Fu
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